Most frequent questions and answers

Colors may differ slightly when printed depending on your individual screen settings and the substrate of the fabric selected.

No, we do not review your images or designs when orders are submitted. It is up to you to ensure the artwork is the exact way you want it before submitting it to us.

Our average production time is 5-7 days. While we pride ourselves on good turn-around times, this can sometimes vary depending on the time of year such as around major holidays.

Yes, you are free to list other products on your site. We do not place restrictions on what you sell.

ClubINK uses two methods to create the products you can order: Dye Sublimation and Direct-to-Fabric Printing. Dye Sublimation digitally prints full color artwork with specially formulated dyes. These prints are then transferred using heat and pressure onto our polyester and polymer-coated substrates at the molecular level for a virtually permanent high-resolution, full color finished product. The Direct-to-Fabric printing process utilizes our specialized textile printers to deposit specialty inks directly onto the fibers of fabrics. This process is optimized for our natural fabrics.


Most frequent questions and answers

No, there are no minimum order quantities! 

We are currently only shipping to US destinations, but will be expanding soon to the rest of the Americas & Europe!

We ship with all major carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL, etc). We choose the cheapest STANDARD delivery option for you.

You can view our shipping rates HERE 

There are no processing fees. Everything but the actual cost of shipping is included in the price.

All orders are shipped in either a white mylar bag for small orders or a plain cardboard box for larger orders.

Our packing slip has no branding on it and includes the business address that you provide. It will also have the order ID number, the ship date, the product ID number, product description and quantity shipped.